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The Renaissance Nose Job

THE RAVAGES OF WARFARE, PUBLIC VIOLENCE, AND DISFIGURING NEW DISEASES made the Renaissance an age of surgical innovation, and professor of secrets Leonardo Fioravanti was a witness to one of the most amazing innovations of all: Surgical reconstruction of the nose, known in medical terms as rhinoplasty . It’s a pretty amazing story in itself. […]

Advance Notices of “The Professor of Secrets”

It’s fun to read reviews of your books–provided they are favorable. Here’s the first advance review of The Professor of Secrets that I have seen. It’s by Nick Owchar of the Los Angeles Times: William Eamon also brings a distant world up close in “The Professor of Secrets: Mystery, Medicine, and Alchemy in Renaissance Italy” […]

“With the Rules of Life and an Enema”: Alternative Medicine and the Way of Nature

Not so long ago, “alternative medicine”—a heterogeneous mélange of healing practices that includes everything from herbalism to acupuncture—was regarded as nothing more than a relic of medicine’s prescientific past or, worse, a cultish fad. That is hardly the case any longer. Each year, millions of Americans use some form of alternative medicine. In fact, according […]

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