Coming Soon: “The Professor of Secrets”

I am pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of my new book, The Professor of Secrets. Set in sixteenth-century Italy, the book tells the story of Leonaro Fioravanti, who rose from obscurity to become the first “celebrity” doctor of the early modern age. A brilliant, forward-thinking, and utterly unconventional doctor, Fioravanti had a talent for self-aggrandizement and his self promotion earned him the adoration of the people, the derision of the medical establishment, and a reputation as one of his era’s most colorful and combative figures. The Professor of Secrets is a tale of Renaissance self-fashioning. The book involved years of research in the archives and libraries of Italy, Spain, and Europe. Scheduled for publication in July, The Professor of Secrets will be in bookstores on July 20 and is available for preorder from now. I hope you enjoy it. I will be sending new posts about the book and my other projects from time to time, and I welcome your feedback.

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